Associate Letter Feb 2018

January 25, 2018

Dear Associate,

We are excited to announce we will be offering a major medical program effective February 1, 2018!

We have adjusted the payroll deduction amounts for these plans. The cost for the Bronze plan for an employee only is now only $75.98 per paycheck. Please review the updated payroll deductions for the new plans.

Below are some highlights of the plan:

  • Coverage through UMR, using the United Healthcare Choice Plus National network
  • Major Medical
  • Two plans to choose from
  • Preventive care covered at 100%
  • Copayment for most commonly used services
  • Pharmacy Coverage

We must meet a minimum participation requirement to offer this coverage. If we do not meet the minimum requirement, coverage will not be offered and your paycheck will not be deducted.

We have decided to continue our MEC Heavy plan. Please remember, the MEC Heavy plan has many changes in the benefits. A couple of changes to note are the MEC Heavy only allows 3 visits to a Primary Care or Specialist per plan year and pays a maximum of $100 per visit.  The plan no longer covers ANY Brand Name prescriptions. Please refer to the attached benefits summary for a complete list of changes.

It is imperative that you enroll in this coverage as quickly as possible. If we do not meet the minimum participation requirement by 2/1/18 we will not be able to offer coverage. If you have already enrolled in the new UMR plans and do not want to make any changes, you do not need to complete a new form. If you would like to cancel or change your enrollment please notify Human Resources ASAP.

All enrollments must be received by Friday, January 26th.