As one of the largest food grade carriers in the industry, we believe you should care about the size of the company entrusted to transporting your products.

ubrMvDMeAWBsb9UF-999QkrM81-D11IO_1UDbSfujlQSize may not be everything, but teaming up with a company with a history of excellent customer service and on-time deliveries should be one of your biggest priorities. With a fleet of 600 tractors and 900 trailers shipping loads between the US, Canada and Mexico, we’d like to be your preferred shipping partner.

Confident, Established & Dependable – These aren’t just meaningless words to us. We prove that every day. Here’s how:

Our powerful technology allows our customers to receive real-time load status 24/7 via a secured password and internet connection. Each and every one of our trucks is equipped with Omni-tracs mobile communication and satellite tracking systems.

Our computer network is driven by the IBM iSeries (AS/400) hardware platform using Innovative Enterprise Software™, which incorporates operations, safety, maintenance & other modules for a completely integrated solution. Need to check your load status and the location of your shipment? No problem, now you can.


Our administrative support service capabilities include EDI order receipt, order acknowledgement, invoice transmission, and receipt of payment. We are certified as a C-TPAT member (Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) and Smartway Carrier. Should you have questions regarding service or pricing, please call (800) 877-2430 or visit the Contact Us page.

Additional Services: Import/export shipments between the US & Canada (as well as the US & Mexico), Kosher Certified Trailer Fleet, Local and/or intrastate shipments, late model equipment, state of the art tank washes, 24 hour dispatch