“I entered this chapter of my career almost 4 years ago, knowing there would be obstacles I hadn’t faced yet. What I had hoped for was that I could refine my skills, earn a decent living, and have some balance in my life. It’s been nearly 4 years with Indian River Transport, and I can honestly say it has been the most rewarding experience I’ve had in almost 18 years in this industry.”

Sam Flores


“If you like tanker hauling, food grade, no hazmat, no pumps and hoses, and no touch freight, Indian River is the way to go! IRT was expanding and growing when I came here 12 years ago, and they still are. They have a let’s all work together attitude from the top down. The open door policy allows for fair communication with the fleet office.”

Jim Cochran

Driver, Indian River

“When Kelly from Recruiting called to tell me my application was approved, I was very excited and that was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I have been driving a truck for almost 16 years and I thought, okay, it’s gonna be just like the rest and you will be known by a truck number, not your name. Well, I was badly mistaken! Everyone here treated me like I was family, happy for me to be here, and they all knew my name and it made me feel like I was important to them, as they are to me. I love working for Indian River and I plan on staying here until I retire. They are just a great company and I feel welcome and like I am supposed to be here.”

Dorothy Johnson

Driver, Indian River

“I’ve been with Indian River for 9 years and couldn’t ask for a better company to work for. The whole personnel to the dispatchers, payroll, safety and recruiters are there to work with you. I give a 10 day notice when I need to be home, and 100% I got home in all 9 years on my requested day. Indian River treats their drivers like professionals. The equipment is best in the industry, HANDS DOWN! Drive a food grade tanker and you will never want to drive anything else.”

Louis Koehler

Driver, Indian River

“I started working at Indian River in October 2008 and thinking the grass was greener on the other side, I left in July 2010, but came back three months later. I make good money, get miles, and the best part, all I do is drive the truck. No loading or unloading, waiting for a door assignment, lumpers, counting freight on and off. You can’t beat it! I’m not going anywhere!”

Sam Williams
Driver, Indian River

“I’ve been working for Indian River Transport since 2008 and in that time, I have found a home here. The company gives me a feeling of family, while still being a larger company. Good benefits and perks, like no truck in the fleet over 3 years old and well maintained equipment. All the trucks are top of the line loaded with amenities, like bigger beds, built in refrigerators, and satellite radio. I’ve averaged 150,000 miles a year and I have received pay raises of 10 cents/mile over my time here, making annual pay over $60,000. The insurance is good as well, and has a 401k plan with a 50% match to help you plan for retirement.”

Jon Riley

Driver, Indian River

“8 years ago I completed a thorough and efficient Indian River driver orientation that informed me about each department’s expectations and requirements. For each dispatch, the driver needs answers to Who, What, When, Where and Why? JJ Harned excels at providing drivers with accurate answers to those questions and his style of dispatching is the standard by which you need to measure. If you cannot diplomatically resolve concerns with a person, then share your collected information with Tony Ashley. He needs facts to find solutions and he excels at that process.”

Jeanne Graham, Driver

Driver, Indian River

“I have been working with Indian River for 2 years, and I like how the company works with me, in dispatching, safety and payroll. I also like the new equipment. I’m satisfied with the income and miles I make weekly. I’m planning on staying with this company all the way to retirement. I think it’s a great company to work for.”

Ricardo “Crazy Horse” Urquiza

Driver, Indian River

“I’ve called Indian River Transport home for 5 years. This is because of their commitment to continuous improvement. They are constantly upgrading equipment and facilities. They are also working every day to add new customers. This allows the drivers to have a consistent number of miles to drive and a stable income and company they can count on. Indian River is in it for the long haul, and you should be here with them as they move into the future.”

Dan Mattick

Driver, Indian River

“Oct 2015 will be 8 years with the company as an over-the-road driver. I have seen 45 of the 48 states and Canada, from Alberta to Quebec. For me, I enjoy seeing new places and new people. When I started, I met Miss Maggie at the door and she asked me what I was looking for from Indian River. I told her to be able to pay the bills with some left over. I told her I was looking for loyalty and she said I would have a home at Indian River. I am still here! If I ever have a problem, one call and it is taken care of.”

Charles Bain

Driver, Indian River